For business owners, online reviews are extremely important. Reviews give potential consumers insight on your business. Before buying an item or visiting a shop, more and more people are checking the places out online beforehand. Here are a few reasons that outline the importance of having online reviews.

Consumers Trust Reviews

According to this survey, 84% of people trust online reviews. That is a huge majority of the population that will trust what online reviews have to say about your business. Surveys have found that people take reviews as seriously as they would take a personal recommendation.

Helps With Decision Making

When someone is deciding if a good or service is right for them, they go online to read reviews. Reviews have the power to either turn someone away from your business, or the potential to captivate a new customer! Studies have found that 55% of millennials ignore brands that do not show up in their searches or have poor reviews. This is important because, without reviews, your business could be completely disregarded.

Better Site Ranking

Having reviews can actually increase your Google ranking. This is because Google’s algorithm favors third-party sites that often feature reviews such as, Yelp. With more reviews, more people are more likely to stumble across your company when looking for products and services you may offer.

Reviews are crucial to businesses and consumers. Without them, your business could be ignored. But with reviews, you have the potential to attract new customers! This year, start taking advantage of sites that let customers review you. Have you had clients who said they found you because of your businesses reviews? Let me know!