In my last article, I discussed the importance online reviews have for your business. The next step of developing business is to have people review your business and continually get new reviews. So, how do you get people to review your business?


This is simple! Ask your customers if they would please review your business on a particular website. This is especially true if the process is easy; Facebook is an easy platform for people to find a review your business. For a more passive approach, place a sign in a visible location asking for reviews on a specific platform. If your personal brand is online, make sure there is a place for people to give reviews or a link to take them to a review platform.

Offer Incentives

People respond well to incentives. When a client makes a purchase from your business, offer an incentive for them to review your business. For example, offer 15% off their next purchase if they review your business on a specific platform.

Send a Link

If they make an order online, send a link to the platform you want reviews. This makes it easy for the consumer, which also makes them more likely to fill out a review. For in-person purchases, you can also ask if they would like their email added to a list to get updates on sales and exclusive offers. From here you can then send them a link to review your business.

How do you request reviews for your business?  Let me know in the comments!