Do you enjoy the occasional cup of coffee? Or do you veer more toward being a coffee addict? I fall into the second category; I love a cup of coffee at any time of day. I also have an affinity for finding new coffee shops, but for practicality and cost, I usually make coffee at home. To make it more fun, I set up an at-home coffee bar! This gives me the “coffee shop” feel when I’m still at home. Here are a few tips to set one up in your own home! 


Display your Mugs

Let your mugs be a part of your coffee bar decor! If you have glass cabinets, put the mugs in the cabinet where they can shine through. For a more bold look, there are coffee racks that can mount against the wall. This makes the mugs easy to find if you have guests and adds to the home decor.


Stylish Containers

Keep the coffee, Keurig cups, sugar, etc. in stylish containers. Try labeling glass containers with what the contents are inside: “decaf coffee, regular coffee, sugar, etc.”. If you use a Keurig, display your K-cups in glass containers, a basket, or a carousel designed to hold k-cups.


Coffee Themed Decor

If your space still needs a little more flair, add some coffee themed decor. Pictures of beautiful lattes, eclectic coffee shops in the city, or rustic chalkboard quotes… whatever makes your coffee-loving soul happy!


Something Sweet

What goes well with a cup of coffee? Something sweet of course! If you like to bake, let your homemade goodies be a feature here. If not, keep a tin your favorite classic cookies like biscotti or butter cookies nearby.


Do you have an at-home coffee bar? Comment below about how you customized your space! I’d love to hear other tips and ideas!