Who else loves March Madness? I thoroughly enjoy the fast-paced intensity of this tournament. Anything can happen: there are upsets, amazing comebacks, excited cheers, and disappointed moans. A lot of the emotions and dynamics of March Madness can also relate to your marketing strategies! Let’s take a closer look:


March Madness is a competition to get to be the top team; however, like with your marketing, this takes a lot of time and hard work. Putting anything on auto-pilot and becoming complacent can lead to losing clients or business. You have to consistently strive for excellent marketing and customer service to win the game.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Collaboration leads to new perspectives and ideas. This is the best way to develop a creative plan that captures your target audience. Everyone has to work together to develop the best plan and do their part in the implementation process. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Disappointments & Strategy Adjustments

Sometimes our strategies fail. We don’t receive enough engagement on boosted advertisements, or a product isn’t getting the traction we wanted. This is where we have to reconvene and evaluate our strategy and determine what parts were a success and what was negative.


Staying ahead in the marketing world is HARD WORK. The environment is fast paced, and we need to be able to quickly adapt and adjust our plans to stay ahead of the game.

Great Successes

Sometimes we hit the jackpot! There’s nothing better than seeing a successful marketing campaign take-off or winning new clients. Although we celebrate the wins, we are also aware that other businesses are shooting to do even better.  Never get complacent, as that is when your competition can step in. We are already planning our next strategy to keep ourselves in first place.

What other similarities do see you see with your marketing strategy and March Madness? Share and comment below! Also… do you have your brackets ready? Who do you guys think is going to win?!