Are you trying to grow your Instagram audience? Here are a few tips to not only grow, but to also have an engaged audience.  If you don’t have an Instagram yet and you are looking for a basic guide to the app, click HERE to read one of my previous articles.


Set Goals

Setting goals will keep you on track and motivated. How many posts do you want to post a week? How much time will you dedicate to curating and editing content?


Be Consistent

To grow an audience, the first step is start posting images at least once a week. The goal should be to have at least several Instagram posts a week. Bigger brands post at least once a day, but small brands typically don’t have enough content to post that often.


Use High-Quality Images

When posting pictures, only use high-quality images. High-quality images are not only more beautiful, but they will make your brand’s Instagram feed look more polished and professional.


Ask For User-Generated Content

To start getting your followers engages, ask them to tag your brand in posts! When your brand is tagged in an interesting image, “regram” it! The app “Repost For Instagram” is an easy to use tool and it gives the person you are regramming credit for their image!


Engage With Your Audience

To get an engaged audience, you have to engage with them as well! Like and comment on posts that appear in your feed.


Incorporate Hashtags

In the article HERE we discussed the importance of using hashtags in social media campaigns. This is an instance where hashtags are necessary! Hashtags group images with the same hashtag together, making it easier for people to discover new posts when searching a hashtag.

How do you increase your brand’s Instagram audience? Comment below! I love getting feedback from my readers! 


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