To be successful in the marketing and business development world you need to be able to harness a lot of creativity. Creativity helps us look at situations from different angles, solve problems, and market to different niches. Some days are filled with great ideas and constructive planning, but occasionally we hit a wall in our creativity. So what should you do to help yourself get back on track? Here are five of my favorite tips to get back on track with your creativity:

Take a Break

Hitting a wall is frustrating but remember, it happens. Instead of getting frustrated with yourself, take a step back and relax. If possible, take a break from that project for a while and switch to something else. When you come back to the original project feeling relaxed with fresh eyes you are primed to generate some new ideas.

Get Moving

Depending on how much freedom you have in your work environment, try to get yourself moving. Whether this is a walk to the water cooler or running across the street to grab a coffee, moving might help stimulate those creative juices.


The majority of people in the world start their morning with a caffeinated beverage, coffee being the most popular. Not only can it wake you up and get you out the door, it can also help your creativity. When you are feeling stuck take a coffee break to recharge!


Just because you hit a rut in your creativity doesn’t mean those working around you have as well! Take some time to collaborate and bounce your ideas around with a group of other people. They might help you gain new perspectives which lead to great new ideas!

Listen To Music/Change The Station

Do you listen to music while you work? If not, give it a shot! If you do, start mixing it up with new music stations and genres. Music has an incredible effect on people’s moods, switching the genre could help you feel more creative and productive.


What do you do when you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your creativity? I would love to hear your tips and tricks! Share your comments below!