Email marketing has a bad reputation. However, email has the potential to be more effective than marketing on social media! With smart phones, people are checking their emails several times a day. This goes for social media also, but more people can be reached through email marketing. Here are three reasons why email is worth your time:

(Almost) Everyone Has An Email Account
Signing up and registering for anything on the internet requires having an email address. There are more active email accounts than any other social media platform. According to Kissmetrics, there are over three times the amount of email users than what Facebook and Twitter have combined? Having an email marketing campaign can help you reach those individuals who do not see you ads on social media.

It’s Direct
Email is more direct than targeted social media ads. Plus, emails linger in the email owners inbox where they can be referenced at any time. Social media ads can catch a person’s eye, but they do not have the staying power of email because the ads are not saved on the person’s device unless they take action to save it.

People Love Convenience
When you email your customers and clients, always include a direct link to your website. Having the convenience of only having to hit the link to your website rather than having to type in a URL makes a difference. Make sure the link works before you send it out and make sure it is desktop and mobile friendly.

Keeps Your Business In Mind
Even if they do not open the email, seeing your name in their email will give them a gentle reminder to not forget your brand. This is important so when they need something your brand offers you come to their mind first.

Are you convinced? Have you tried email marketing for your business? Share your comments below!