Hashtags are an incredibly useful marketing tool. They promote engagement, categorize content, and help businesses connect with their consumers.  To begin, let’s work on defining what a hashtag is and how to recognize one.

Hashtag – a word or short phrase that is typed without spaces and preceded by the pound (#) symbol.

Who Uses Hashtags?

Hashtags are found in use across the majority of social media channels. Business and consumers both use them to categorize their content and find similar posts. However, most social media platforms heavily rely on visuals. If your company does not have a plan for using visual marketing, this is important to take into consideration. Various platforms offer different ways to present your brand. Instagram is reliant on visuals, but a platform like Twitter is less reliant on visuals.

Hashtags For Business

Using hashtags in your marketing strategy can be beneficial for many reasons. Since hashtags categorize similar content together, potential customers are more likely to stumble across your brand.  Consumers, in general, dislike the feeling that they are being “sold” to.  Hashtag use can keep the setting casual.  This technique can attract interested consumers to your brand.  For example, if someone searches the hashtag #HikingGear and you are a company that sells this type of gear, people find your brand if you add that hashtag to your marketing!

Increase Engagement With Consumers

Since hashtags group similar content together, it easier for people to discover and engage with new brands and products that fit their interests. When companies ask their followers and consumers to use specific hashtags when using their products it makes the consumer more eager to show off your company for you! For example, if own a cafe and you ask people to hashtag #CityShopCoffee when they are drinking your coffee, people are more likely to post about your company. This is free marketing for you and it makes your consumers feel like they have a connection with the company!

Find Locals

Hashtags can be used to connect with people in your area. For example, if you are trying to connect with other people in Washington, D.C. use the hashtag #WashintonDC to have your post grouped with all other posts that include that hashtag.

Now Get Started!

Adding hashtags to your marketing strategy is easy! Simply add a hashtagged phrase to pictures or the end of posts and watch to see if your engagement increases! It might take some time to figure out which hashtags get the most interaction, but you will eventually find your niche.


Before using a hashtag for business, search the hashtag first. You want to make sure the hashtag is not connected with any derogatory or conflicting content.


Have you used hashtags to grow or promote your business? If you have questions or comments please share them in the section below!