Promoting oneself is difficult for most people. This is a result of several different myths that people believe regarding self- promotional marketing. Throughout this article we have targeted five common myths along with explanations for each.


“If I do a good job, people will do the promoting for me”.

This is only partially true. Yes, if you do a great job there is a chance that your clients will recommend you to their family and friends. However, if you do not stay engaged with past clients, they will forget you. To have returning clients and gain new ones, you have to promote yourself to capture and maintain their attention.


“If I post too often, I will annoy people”.

This is one of the most common fears people have regarding how often they engage on social media platforms. Post a few interesting and relevant pieces of content every week. This will keep your name out there, without being overbearing.  


“I set up social media accounts… that’s enough, right?”

Having the platforms is important, but to reap anything from these outlets you have to engage your followers. Having updated headshots, bios, and contact information makes it easier for people to find you via these platforms.


“I don’t want to appear arrogant to my consumers and co-workers”.

Brag a little. If you have awards and accolades that are relevant to your career, share this information! Most people would never know you had these awards if you didn’t share that information with them! In a competitive market, doing this just shows your potential clients that you are willing and able to go above-and-beyond to get the job done.


“I keep my posts strictly about my business”.

Promoting your business is important. But people also love to connect with people who share similar interests. Share information about your favorite philanthropies and hobbies, this gives a personal touch to your marketing, making it easier for consumers to connect with you.


What do you struggle with when it comes to self-promotion? Do you have any tips for other small business owners? Comment and share below!