Many businesses are becoming more casual with their dress codes, this being said, it is still important to be well-dressed at work. Developing a business casual wardrobe will give you the freedom to either dress up or dress down outfits to have an appropriate look for various events. Guys this is where Pinterest can be your new best friend. The social platform is not just for recipes and DIY projects. There are plenty of real wardrobes put together by fashion forward folks that can help aid the metamorphosis from scruffy to sophisticated.


First, make sure all the clothes fit properly and are tailored if necessary. Wearing poor-fitting or baggy clothing is a negative way to present yourself in a professional atmosphere. To start building a wardrobe purchase staples then add other colors and unique pieces.


Capsule Wardrobe Checklist:


Button-down Shirts

White and other light colored button-downs would be the staples, solid shirts are the easiest to match. Once you have a collection staples other styles and designs can be incorporated.


Crew Neck/V-Neck Sweaters

Opt for sweaters that are solid colors. This will make them easy to match and layer in cooler weather.



Again, opt for solid colors correspond well with the other colors in your wardrobe. These are extremely easy to layer with dress shirts and can be dressed up and down.



These are important pieces to have in black, brown, and khaki. These staple colors will match everything in your wardrobe. Adding a blazer to a pair of casual pants will easily dress-up an outfit.



This is a classic jacket that will never go out of style. In a solid dark or neutral color, this will be a great jacket to wear in the cooler months.



Purchase dress pants in tan, brown, black, and navy to have the basics. Depending on the individual’s style and the season, pants can be found in twill, corduroy, and other materials to create different looks and offers varying amounts of warmth.


Dark-Wash Jeans (not – destroyed)

These are great for a more casual appearance while still looking well put together.


Shoes – Loafers, Oxfords, Dress Shoes

Dress shoes in black or brown are versatile and are an important piece in dressing up an outfit. Loafers and Oxford styled shoes are more casual, these work well with casual pants.



A black tie is the most important staple, from there find different colors and patterns that can match the other colors already existing in your wardrobe.



Leather belts are a great accessory. Match the color of the belt with the shoes and it will pull the outfit together.


Remember when it comes to dressing professionally less is more. Simple cuts, basic colors, and well-tailored clothing can help you turn the corner from being the intern that had to get coffee, to the pro that orders it. Cheers and happy pinning!