The modern office space can be challenging. Often you are spending most of your day at your desk in front of your computer, but thanks to the growing virtual meeting spaces,  clients can now come to you in an instant. This means looking professional on a regular basis is important so you are always prepared for spur of the moment meetings.

When you work in tech, comfort is key. Often, I will need to get down on the floor and readjust extension cords or camera equipment. A typical day, I could be hauling gear, meeting with clients or camped out on a chair typing away. So what is the trick to looking classic, cool, and still comfortable at work? Here are just a few of my tips to looking professional while staying comfortable in a business-casual work environment. 

Tip 1: Build a capsule wardrobe- The basics are the most important pieces. Build a collection of pieces that are in classic colors like tan, navy, and black. Then have a mixture of other solid colored pieces that coordinate well with each other. By mixing and matching the basics, you can create numerous looks, by adding colored pieces and accents the outfit combinations become endless. By creating a small variety of smart clothing purchases, you can have different looks for weeks.

Tip 2: Add Color Carefully- A few elaborate or unique pieces can be added to add some variety and personality to your wardrobe. Incorporate accessories that can be used to dress up basic outfits and give more flexibility when creating outfits. This can be achieved by purchasing scarves, statement jewelry, and belts to your clothing arsenal.

Tip 3: Shoes can pull it all together- Purchase shoes in classic pumps and/or flats in black, navy, and tan to match wardrobe staples. Having a pair of black pumps are the most versatile for business casual dressing while still being appropriate for more formal attire events.

Tip 4: Shop Like A Pro -When shopping for wardrobe pieces, think about it as a pyramid. The largest part and foundation of the pyramid is made up of the basic colors. Then moving upward on the pyramid, add other coordinating colors and accent pieces.

Quirky and cute are fun in the right environments, but dressing professionally is a sign of respect for your clients. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas about building an easy functional capsule wardrobe. Seriously.. just match the pictures! You can do it. What are your favorite tips for dressing professionally and comfortably at work? Share below! I would love to hear from you.