Throughout the holidays we typically have more guests parading throughout our homes. If you are also going to have more quests staying with you, here are some tips on how to make your guest room as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Extra Toiletries

Put out extra toiletries to make your guest feel even more at home. In the bathroom, put out a basket or small container of travel sized shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, ect. Amidst all their travel plans it is likely that they forgot one of their toiletries. If they did happen to forget anything, putting some mini toiletries out for them will be greatly appreciated.

Extra Blankets/Pillows

Put out a few extra blankets and pillows for your guests. They might prefer sleeping with less covers or they might like having themselves wrapped in numerous blankets. To make them as comfortable as possible make sure they have options with how many blankets they want to be bundled in.


Put out a few of your favorite books and some recent magazines out for your guests to enjoy when they are in their room. If they are night owls or morning birds they might appreciate having something to read so they do not disturb the rest of the sleeping house.

Extra Towels

Put a few extra bath and hand towels out for your guests to use throughout their stay.  This will make them feel more at home and comfortable because they will not feeling like they are inconveniencing the host/hostess if they have to ask for fresh towels.

Fresh Flowers

Depending on the season, consider putting a vase of fresh flowers into the guest room. This will instantly brighten up the room and make them feel welcomed.


Consider placing a carafe or bottle of water on the bedside table. This will keep your guest(s) from having to shuffle through the kitchen in the middle of the night. 

Do you have any tips or tricks when decorating your guest room? Comment and share your ideas below!