Social Media is a modern marketing strategy, and without it your business can be left in the dust. A strong social media presence for your brand is important and critical to stay connected with consumers online. The most important factor, especially for small businesses, is cost. Are you able to afford to hire a person to manage your social media presence? Besides the initial hiring cost, having a talented social media manager might pay for itself by creating additional traffic to the company website and brand recognition.

Here are six reasons why hiring a social media manager could benefit your brand.


1.) Generating content for social media is time-consuming. Do you have enough time during the day to dedicate the appropriate attention to market your brand? Does your schedule allow for consistent posting? Or, if you currently lack social media are you willing to create and start using various platforms to increase your company’s reach? These are all important questions to ask yourself when thinking about hiring a social media manager.


2.) Creating appropriate content for various social media platforms is daunting and requires creativity. Content has to be generated that sparks interest in the consumers or it goes without notice. Social media managers have expertise and experience in developing brand-specific content to engage consumers.


3.) Having a better social media presence than your competitors puts your brand ahead of the game. The more people engage with your company and brand on social media the more it is going to come into their mind when shopping for similar products. Developing social media campaigns that engage your consumers can lead to them developing brand loyalty.


4.) Once you have social media platforms created, can you continue to maintain them week to week? As your company starts to grow, are you still able to generate content that sparks the interest of the consumers and is relevant? A social media manager would be dedicated to the maintenance of these platforms while researching other ways to reach out to consumers.


5.) Having a social media manager who is dedicated to your brand target the audience in the most effective manner. They have the time to develop social media strategies and analyze techniques to see what receives the best response.


6.) Are you ready to battle internet trolls and unhappy customers? Do you know how to manage, delete and respond to negative reviews? If there is an unhappy customer a good social media manager can also provide good customer service. This will keep negative comments or reviews go without a response and provide service to amend any issues with consumers.
If your brand is putting social media on the back burner, savvy customers can tell. Making social media a priority for your business planning is an important part of developing an effective strategy for business planning in 2017. Have you hired help? Do you manage your own profiles? Comment below!