Many small business professionals struggle with telling their story. Perhaps it is the belief that speaking about one’s self is viewed as bragging, but an effective short biography is a necessity in today’s modern landscape of social media profiles. Many people find it challenging to talk about themselves, not sure if what they have to say is unique enough to share. Determining the most important things to highlight in your bio is another common concern. In just a few sentences you have to introduce yourself, highlight accomplishments and interest your audience. Here are some tips to easily conquer this by creating a short professional bio that you can utilize on various social media outlets.


Before you get started

Make sure to check the settings on your social profiles. Most social profiles are designed to “announce” , or generate notifications to your established network when you are making changes. This is especially true of LinkedIn. When individuals are updating skills or job information, the platform can sometimes give the impression that you are a recent hire or have changed employment. Switch publication notifications off while you are working on updates to make sure you do not call unnecessary attention to yourself. Otherwise, if you want all the exposure you can get…leave them on!


Include a headshot photograph

This humanizes you to your audience, making it easier for viewers to feel a connection with you. Use a headshot that is professional and appears genuine. Outdoor photography lends to soften appearances. Headshots should be taken at least once a year and should be neutral ( not seasonal or event-specific) so that it can be used across many profiles.


Remember your Audience

What is your audience going to want to know about you? What are they looking for? Write your bio to highlight what your target audience’s interests. This will increase your chances of capturing and keeping their attention.


Keep it Professional, but Show Some Personality

The objective is to keep the bio professional, letting a hint of your personality shine through will make your bio more memorable. Social media outlets are more casual than other professional networks, because of this being lighthearted or adding a hint of humor is an appropriate way to subtly show your personality.


Highlight Hobbies / Interests / Community Service

Incorporate your passions by briefly talking about your hobbies and/or community service projects. This gives people another way to feel connected to you if they share similar interests.


Add a Link

Adding a link to a personal or business web page is an effective and free way to market yourself or business. The link gives people another platform to find more information about you or your company.


Keep it Short and Sweet

The goal is for the bio to be short. Thirty seconds or less of reading time is the optimum length for viewers to need for the bio. However, most social media outlets have character limits on bios, forcing them to be short anyways.


Ask Trusted Friends and Family for Input

Have trusted friends read over your bio. Ask them for ideas. Brainstorming with a trusted friend over coffee can be really helpful during the drafting process. Finally, ask anyone reviewing your profile to be honest with you.

Do not sweat writing your bio. If you are still struggling, try keeping a journal of thoughts and ideas for a length a time. This may help you get in touch with most important to you and sort out your thoughts. Keep at it, it may take a few versions before you find the right “fit”. Do you have any tips and tricks for bios that have worked in the past? Please comment and share below!