It only takes 7 seconds to create a first impression. This being said, making a strong positive first impression happens quickly. It is essential when meeting new clients or going through an interview to present well immediately. Treat meetings and training sessions with respect and clients will respect you. There are two kinds of players at work, and you want to be on the winning team.

There is an “A” team of employees and a “B” team working at most businesses. The “A” team performs their job well, comes to work on time and can help customers navigate their transactions or appointments seamlessly. The “B” team is slow, emotionally flat with their interactions with customers, and are not experts on their position, nor do they care. Here are a few suggestions of how people who will land on the “A” team will prepare for customer interactions.


Smiling displays approachability and makes others feel welcomed to talk to you. Smiling will make you appear more confident and outgoing. Make sure the smile remains genuine, forcing it can appear unnatural and intimidating.

Look Professional

Looking professional will also make you appear smarter. Your appearance when meeting new people is extremely important because it is the first thing they will notice about you.

Enunciate and Speak Clearly

Speaking clearly will exude confidence. Speaking quickly or softly can make you appear nervous and uneasy. Mumbling is in poor taste. If a client has to struggle to hear you, it will escalate their frustration level quickly.

Eye Contact

This is important for creating trust between parties. Remember to keep it natural, do not make the other party feel like they are being stared down. People with shifty eyes are perceived as less trustworthy than those who can hold eye contact.

Hand Shakes

A strong handshake is a symbol of professionalism when being introduced to someone new. While handshaking, maintain eye contact.


If you have an interview at a specific time, give yourself enough time to be early and prepared. Give yourself extra time before a meeting will keep you from being late if the trip takes longer than anticipated. It will also give you time to relax and feel prepared if you are early. Rushing into an interview or meeting just barely on time will make you look flustered and unprofessional.


Part of good customer service is actually being prepared to meeting and care for the client. If you customers see you disheveled, and unkempt they may wonder if this is a reflection of how your business is run. Being prepared to work and care for your clients is almost as important as completing the work itself. Customers do not want to feel rushed, or that they are bothering you. Not only that but while you are waiting on the customer, their focus will be on you. Are you calm? Can you easily find things? Is your shirt tucked in? Think of it this way. The “B” team just works , the “A” team MAKES it work.